CAP Test (Conflict Attitude Profile)

With the CAP test you will learn:

  • what are your natural conflict management skills, the ones that you can always count on for successfully tackling conflicts
  • what are your watch-out’s,  or the weak spots that make you sometimes being less than your very best in conflicts or difficult conversations
  • useful tips to help you expand your ability to deal with conflicts without feeling anxious or uncomfortable, and to become more influential 

Note: This test is a simplified adaptation of the more extensive version, known as the neuroscience-based PRISM Brain Mapping Assessment. PRISM Brain Mapping is the world’s most comprehensive, online, neuroscience-based behaviour mapping instrument. PRISM Brain Mapping is a powerful integrated tool with many applications, from performance management and leadership development, to career transitions, recruitment, and conflict management and it is available as self-assessment or 360.

A Few Questions...

In this test we will ask you to read the description of various behaviors; you will be presented two alternative behaviors at a time and we will ask you to consider how you would normally prefer to behave in a professional context, and check the behavior that more closely corresponds to your natural preference; or check “both” if you have no strong preference for one or the other.

Note that each behavior will appear more than once.



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